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Founded in October, 1992 as a Non-Profit Organization

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Families First

Lafayette County Families First Resource Center offers family support services to the Oxford, Lafayette County and The University of Mississippi community. The goal of Families First is to promote healthy families to ALL citizens of Lafayette County.

Community Support Services

Families in Crisis
Parents with Children with Disabilities
Foster Parents
Grandparents as Parents
HIV Positive Community Members

Workshops and Counseling

Divorce Recovery Workshop
Healthy Parenting Workshop
Parent Education Workshops
Family and Individual Counseling

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Services

Abstinence Based Curriculum - WAIT Training
Self-Control Curriculum- Sex Respect
Lunch 'n' Learn Programs- Parents Preventing Pregnancy in Teens (PPP)

School-Based Programs

After School Programs
Life Skills/Anti-Violence Programs
Community Building Programs
Special Events

The Sherry Lou Locke Resource Library is for parents, children and professionals in the community to enhance the quality of life for all citizens in Lafayette County. The Library is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment after hours.

Childcare is offered with community services for parents. Please call if needed.

Youth Vision

Youth Vision is a community-based program designed to reduce the occurrence of sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy among adolescents in Lafayette County, MS. Youth Vision strives to provide adolescents with the knowledge, skills, and motivation needed to make healthy decisions regarding their sexuality.

Current Programming Efforts

Abstinence & Sexuality Education Curriculum

Parent Education

Special Events

Critical in keeping decreasing sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy among teens is not letting the issue fade from the forefront. Youth Vision strives to keep public awareness peaked through frequent media attention, special events, newsletters, and other communication efforts such as public service announcements and posters.

OASiS (Opportunities for Adolescents Seeking Individual Success)

This Families First Program pairs responsible adults as mentors with adolescents in both Lafayette County Schools and Oxford City Schools. The goal is for each adolescent in the program to attain the skills to achieve a successful life. The OASiS mentors work with students during school hours for 3-4 hours each month on a one-on-one basis. Help is provided with schoolwork, and the students learn about positive life skills and opportunities for the future. The OASiS mentors and students also have the opportunity to participate in group activities outside of the school setting. The mentors serve as listeners, role models, advocates, and friends for each child they work with. All students in the program are referred through the school counselor. Anyone interested in becoming an OASiS mentor may contact the agency for an application.

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Victim Services

Adult Services

Children's Services

Homicide Services

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Education and Prevention Programs

My Body Belongs To ME: Good Touch, Bad Touch - Pre-K/Kindergarten

This program teaches children what is considered normal when dealing with adults and what one should do if they think abnormal behavior is exhibited. The discussions are designed to enhance peer discussion involvement in group learning experience. Students are given a list of responsible adults in whom they can confide.

Respect: Your Key To The Future - 5th and 6th Graders

This program evaluates the norms of society and encourages methods, which allows students to live within these norms. Students are encouraged to examine their role in society, expectations of others, and how to live with themselves and others. The topics covered in this program include the following:

Good Choices, Healthy Lifestyles - 9th to 12th Grades

This program features a proactive approach in discussing issues affecting students' potential to succeed. The topics are based on the health curriculum madated by the Mississippi State Department of Education. The presentation utilizes a discussion format allowing participants to ask questions and talk openly about issues often not addressed. The program stresses healthy/positive living and encourages responsibility, accountability and increased self-esteem. Topics covered in this program include the following:

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Volunteer Program

Duties of FCS Volunteers

Family Crisis Services looks for volunteers who are caring individuals, dedicated to helping the populations we serve, with a desire to become involved in their community.

Volunteer applicants must complete the application process, including a criminal background check, character references, and an interview with the volunteer coordinator.

Volunteers must complete all sessions of the FCS volunteer training.

Volunteers are expected to commit to the program for at least one year.

Volunteers are required to attend all monthly volunteer in-services.

Volunteers are expected to work cooperatively and effectively with medical, police, legal, and social services personel.

Volunteers are expected to perform assigned duties in a timely manner.

Volunteers are required by this agency, as well as by law, to keep all client information confidential.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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Forensic Interviewing

Family Crisis Services' Forensic Interviewers utilize a forensic interviewing model developed by CornerHouse Forensic Evaluation Center out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is nationally recognized and approved by the National Center on the Prosecution of Child Abuse.

  1. What is Forensic Interviewing and it's process?
  2. What information does the Forensic Interviewer have before beginning the interview?
  3. Who is present during the forensic interview?
  4. What is the procedure for requesting an interview?

A child will not be accepted for a forensic interview if he or she has already been extensively interviewed.

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